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We offer a variety of courses, including Quran, Tajweed, Arabic Alphabet & Reading, Three academic Levels of Arabic Vocabulary, Grammar, Morphology. For the beginner, choose our beginners' course: Arabic Alphabet & Reading.

For the student that is on a reading level of Arabic, choose Vocabulary, Grammar and Morphology, or Tajweed. You can also choose to take both courses at different times, weekly.

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About the Instructor

Instructor Khaleel Carter:

•Was born and raised in Queens, New York City.

•He attended Catholic school from 1st thru 12th grade and a Baptist College for one year.

(which he would later utilize as a strong foundation in giving Dawah to Christians.)

•(1993) He accepted Islam at Masjid El-Birr in Astoria, Queens.

•(1998-2003) Studied in Egypt with many scholars such as Salaahu Deen Abdul-Mawjoud, Mustafa Adawi, Dr. Abid Alganimah, Majdi Arafaat Dr. Mahmoud Abdul-Malik and their senior students.

•Topics of Study: Arabic Language, Qur'an, Tajweed Tafsir, Aqeedah of Ahlu Sunnah, Hadith Sciences, Seerah, Fiqh, Usoolul Fiqh.

•(1999-Present) Currently the acting Imam(Chaplain) at Henry J. Carter Specialty Hospital, New York City.

•(2007-Present) Private Arabic teacher.

•(2013) Graduated with a B.A. in Islamic Studies from the Islamic University of North America (Mishkah).

•(2021) Graduated with a Master's in Islamic Jurisprudence from the Islamic University of North America (Mishkah).

•(2021) Grad student currently studying for his PhD. in Islamic Jurisprudence at the Islamic University of North America (Mishkah).

•(2022) Islamic Studies Teacher at Al-Fawz Islamic School of America (AFISA).