Why Fahm 101?

Fahm (فَهْمٌ) is an Arabic root word that is translated as "the perception of the intended meaning of (words, a language or speaker) or simply, understanding."

Language is a key to comprehension. If a person CANNOT understand THE LANGUAGE, learning becomes almost impossible. If HE OR SHE enrolls in a program and is unable to follow classroom instructions, in most cases, HE/SHE will drop out, or complete the program with very little benefit!

We, at FAHM101, are American English speakers that have learned Arabic and its sciences from Arabic-speaking Scholars. Our mission is to teach English-speaking people Arabic with methods that we found most EFFECTIVE to teach non-Arabs the Arabic language. Most non-Arabs have a problem accomplishing their goal to learn Arabic, because most Arab teachers approach the student as if HE/SHE were born speaking Arabic.

Since we have an understanding of both English and Arabic, that gives US an ADVANTAGE to help English speakers learn Arabic in the most efficient way.

ALL of our instructors are graduates of an all-Arabic speaking college or have received an Ijaazah (CERTIFICATION OF PROFICIENCY FROM A RECOGNIZED ARABIC SCHOLAR). This gives FAHM101 accreditation from a secondary source that is under the supervision of Islamic scholars. Our instructors have majored in the science of the course that they teach. We also post a photo of each instructors' diploma or Ijaazah. We provide all of this so that OUR students will have confidence that they are learning from qualified instructors.

Teaching online using a virtual classroom provides individual access to learning Arabic at anytime or place. Students and instructors see and hear each other as if they were in a real classroom.